Why Us?
Here are a few best practices we have been adopting in our farms that separate us from rest of the farmers and milk producers.
  • We Deliver only Fresh Raw Milk produced in our own farms. The quality of milk is therefore guaranteed. Other milk producers sell packaged milk collected through various farmers and hence can never assure the quality of milk
  • Our cows are housed in loose housing system and not tied inside the congested and unhygienic barns
  • Foggers are installed to maintain cool temperatures inside the barn at all times, especially on hot sunny days
  • Perfect lighting systems ensures that cows are safe during nights and do not trample on each other
  • Soothing music is played throughout the day to keep cows stress free and happy
  • Comfort cow stalls for feeding
  • Rich grass varieties is grown in our own farms
  • Cow dung and cow urine is used as manure in our farms to grow fodder for our cows
  • Daily inspection from our vet for the health of each cow
  • Preventive vaccination for each cow and their calves
  • Zero adulteration, rendering our milk completely natural
  • 24 hours supply of clean drinking water for cows
  • Flock of hens that help keeping our cows free from any ticks and diseases
  • Our calves are fed with Colostrum to ensure their immunity
  • Our calves are housed in separate cubicles after their birth to avoid any infections from other calves or cows
  • Our milk is untouched by human hands. This is achieved by our advanced milking machines
  • We do not inject any hormones to our cows in order to obtain more quantities of milk
  • Our milk is completely unprocessed, rendering it absolutely fresh and creamy