Our Story
Nestled at the foothills of Sahyadri Mountains, on Pune Nasik Highway are lush green meadows of Manchar. A 5km drive through the farms from here, will take you to a tiny and quiet village called Chandoli Budruk. This is the house of our beautiful, healthy Holstein cows, residing on our 20 acres of farmland.

Ajit Thorat, who is determined to bring economic growth to his village through this initiative, envisioned Moms’ Farmstead Dairy. A farmer by birth, Ajit quit his high paying job as a Vice-President-Sales after his successful stint of over 22 years in a leading media organization. The state-of-art modern dairy farm based on Israel technology of loose housing system is a result of his dream to provide completely natural and fresh milk to all those who has been consuming adulterated milk for all these years. Ajit is joined in this endeavor by his elder brother Bhimaji Thorat and his sons Nitin and Nikesh, who have been taking care of the farmland over the past several decades.

Ajit says, "While continuing to preserve our family values and traditions, we have been progressive and modern in our approach towards adopting newer technologies for ease in farming to milking our cows through imported milking machines. For us, its all about cows and their well-being- quality milk being just an outcome of our sincere efforts towards keeping our cows happy and stress free at all times."

Around here, at Mom’s Farmstead Dairy, we don’t just produce the best tasting Raw Milk, but also produce it sustainably, preserving the purity and freshness inside every bottle.

Here’s what we consider – “If its not good for our families, its not good for yours too”.

Go ahead and try some. We promise you’ll taste our goodness in every drop of milk.

Our founding goals is to be able to make a difference in our local community. Dairy farmers in India lack infrastructure, knowledge and skill sets to produce quality milk. They have been relying on old age methods of tied-up housing for cows in a small, congested shed, hand milking them under unhygienic conditions. Cows have been low on nutrition since the leftovers of crops are provided as fodder. All this has resulted in not just low yield but also poor quality of milk. While India continues to be the highest producer of milk, the sad part is that average yield per cow in our country is the lowest amongst all the leading milk producing countries worldwide.

In our endeavor to help local dairy farms survive, we will lead by example; train them on latest technologies available in dairy farming. Not just that, we will, in future, also buy milk from our neighbouring farms who share our farming philosophies and join us in our mission to provide the best quality and all natural milk to every citizen of India.