Our Herd
The very best raw milk comes from grass, hay and forage fed cows. And our cows are the happiest when dining on home grown balanced nutrition, hay and forage.

Our herd is a family of beautiful, Dutch Holstein Friesian Cows, whom we proudly call as ‘MOMS’. They produce an exceptional quality of milk higher in calcium and protein as well as milk solids that help give the milk its rich, creamy texture.

The quality of life of our cows is very important to us. We treat them as best as we can, respect them, and also have great affection for them. Our farming style is low intensity and our cows are never under pressure to give unsustainable amounts of milk. Some of our fellow farmers call us crazy. They say your animals must produce more and more milk at all costs! But we believe that our future is in happy and healthy cows, the way nature intended them to live. And off course GREAT MILK.

Our cows stay in a loose-housing system that allows them to move freely in the barn without being tied onto one place. Automated water troughs enable them to drink water whenever they are thirsty. Our barn is equipped with a powerful fogging system to keep our cows comfortable, even on the hottest days of summer. In their stalls, they enjoy the comfort of light music all throughout the day.

Cows are fed a total mixed ration that includes home grown grass, hay, wheat bran and feed concentrates such as cotton oil seed cakes and corn seeds. Just one of our lactating dairy cows requires approximately 35-40 kgs of feed each day and over 100 litres of water. Proper nutrition results in optimum quality milk and a healthy herd. NO ARTIFICIAL HORMONES NEEDED HERE!

Cows are milked twice a day after feeding. Milking is done through advanced milking machines that help in keeping the cow udder safe and free from any infections or diseases. Milk that comes out of the udder is therefore untouched by human hands.

We take excellent care of our animals so they seldom need antibiotics. If a cow should develop an infection, typically mastitis, the cow is treated and milked separately from the herd. Her milk is then dumped until the antibiotic has completely cleared the cow's system and the milk tests clear. Our milk is tested daily by our well trained staff, before it is bottled to be dispatched every morning. Finally, the milk that reaches you is not just fresh, but all natural till its last drop. To give you a true feel of where our milk comes from, you are invited to visit and firsthand see how we produce the freshest milk around.