Our Team
Our people are our most important resource; they are the heart and soul of the company. We really wanted to post profiles of all of our staff here, but since we have many employees, we couldn’t do it. Instead we decided to randomly feature some of our employees from our office, to our plant, to our people out in the field.

Below you will find a small selection of employee profiles, to give you a general idea of our people at MOMS’ Farmstead Dairy.
Maruti Thorat
Head - Dairy Farm Management and Finance

At 80 years of age , he is the strongest and the most workaholic member of our team. His day begins at 5 am at the farm and ends at 9pm in the night. He supervises the entire farm that includes, cleaning the hen-pen, collecting the eggs every morning, maintaining the stock register of fodder, coordinating with various vendors, doctor and farmers. Being a retired banker, he keeps a close eye on daily production of milk and maintains the financial health of Moms’ Farmstead Dairy.
Bhimaji Thorat
Head - Crisis Management and Cold Chain System

The most experienced member of our team, he is an inspiration to all of us. With his overall experience of over 40 years in farming and dairy, he is the guiding force in our management. He takes care of the entire cold chain delivery system, right from the time the milk reaches our processing unit till the time its delivered fresh to your homes. He also heads the crisis management of the barn and the farm.
Sanju Yadav
Head - Milking Division

Sanju, a professional milker for over 25 years is the man behind safe and hygienic milking of our cows. He is assisted by his son, Sonu. Both of them are responsible for timely feeding of cows, cleanliness of the barn and cows besides their milking routine twice a day.
Dr. Nivrutti Pokharkar

Dr. Pokharkar, our in-house veterinarian is responsible for the health of our cows and their calves. Every new cow is administered preventive vaccine, before introducing them into the barn. He is responsible to prevent our cows getting infected by any outbreak of diseases. Cows are checked everyday to ensure they are free from any ailments before milking.
Mukund Kale
Head – Processing

Mukund, carries a rich experience of 5 years in dairy industry. He specializes in processing and packaging of dairy products. He manages the entire packaging of farm-to-home milk with his team while maintaining utmost standards of safety and hygiene.
Nikhil Kakade
Head – Distribution

Nikhil, with his background of sales and market intelligence, has been the key drivers of our distribution of milk and other dairy products for past one year. With his team of distribution boys, he ensures that every member is ready for delivery every morning at 5am and the deliveries are completed in 8 am in designated areas of Pune. At Moms’ Farmstead Dairy service and timely delivery to our customers come first and Nikhil and his team ensures that every client gets his bottle of milk on time everyday.
Ajit Thorat
Head - Quality Control & Sales

Ajit, whose expertise has been sales and marketing for over 22 years, ensures the right quality of milk and dairy products reaches his clients on time everyday. Ajit has mastered the art of preparing various dairy products. Every product that is manufactured, is first examined, tasted by him before its packed for dispatch. He is also responsible for growing consumer base for Moms’ Farmstead Dairy. He, along with his distribution head and delivery team formulates various marketing strategies to reach out to customers in and around Pune.