Our Milk
If you happen to stop by our farm, you can pick up a bottle or two of our delicious, unprocessed, fresh, raw cow milk. This milk comes exclusively from our own happy cows or say ‘MOMS' on our Farms’. We hope you will notice the lovely thick cream line and distinctive flavor, and if it makes it to your refrigerators, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its shelf life too!

Don’t miss out on a chance to see the discipline our cows have when they stand in their cubicles during their dining and milking time. We humans have a lot to learn from them.

Good quality fresh milk is hard to come by in India these days. Most of the cows that produce milk for general consumption are over-worked and stressed. This means unhappy animals and poor quality milk, but not on our farms. To add to this is adulteration in all forms by many dairy farms to make more money at the cost of customer’s health.

We pride ourselves in ethical treatment of cows. Our cows are never injected with any hormones to produce more quantities of milk. Even a single drop of water is a strict no in our milk and that’s a commitment from our entire team. The milk that is produced is thoroughly tested for any impurities and also for its Fat and SNF(solids not fat) contents on daily basis by our trained experts. We believe, ‘Happy Cows give Good Milk’ and it shows in the quality and flavor of our milk.

Though we have stuck to our basics, we are progressive and modern farmers, adopting newer technologies in keeping our cows and customer health of prime importance. The milk that reaches you is untouched by human hands till the last drop. Our home milk delivery service through cold vans ensures that only fresh and all natural milk reaches you every morning.
"Our Team’s Pledge"

This is our promise to you that our milk has no artificial growth hormones, and is naturally fresh.

To assure this level of quality, we manage the process from the farm to your fridge. That means that what you read on the label is what you get in the bottle - great taste and nutrition, without artificial growth hormones.